We Paint More Than Just Walls!

We Paint More Than Just Walls!

21 Jul, 2017

MPA Painters also paints exteriors, roof shingles, cabinets, and more.

MPA Painters do more than just walls! Considering an upgrade on your home? Cabinet Refinishing and Roof Shingle Repainting are wonderful ways to keep your home looking fresh.


Cabinet refinishing is a must if you are reselling or renovating your home. Cabinets are one of the biggest features of any kitchen and their design is critical to the overall appearance of your home. Cabinet refinishing will make your existing cabinets look like new. We refinish wood surfaces and kitchen cabinets with ease.

And the best part is that you won't have to go without kitchen cabinets while the cabinet is refaced. Our process leaves the cabinet frame on the wall while the surface of the cabinet is refinished on site. Whatever finish or color you need for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is what we'll deliver.

Everyone wants to make a great first impression. When friends and family pull up to your house, they will notice whether your roof looks great or could use a little attention. We will help you select the best color option when it comes to look and durability. We are dependable and swift. We are always here to answer any questions, every step of the way.

Get your kitchen and roof looking ship shape and sharp.



Let us help you keep your family covered.