Entry Door Refinishing

When looking at your home, your front door is the main portal, literally. If it's not looking great, use our skill and experience to get the best front door on the block. We recoat existing finishes to a perfect condition.

There are different kinds of woods and treatments to consider: Hardwoods, pines, or cedars? Is it pressure treated or solid? Is it coated, or not? Each of these factors impacts the choice of finish. Without help, it can get to be quite a mess.

However, we have all the finishing products we need to restore your front door to it's full potential. We use Extreme Bond Primer with a water-based alkyd urethane finish. We remove all door hardware during the process and are careful to reinstall it correctly when we are finished. This usually causes dust, and we take preventative measures to capture the dust before it spreads.

We always sand by hand to be gentle with your wood while we refinish.



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