Residential Architectural Woodwork Painting

Wood needs treatment to last in the outdoors, whether that comes form painting or staining. For a professional job with no bubbles or blemishes, we follow standard procedures to make our work effective and uniform.

First we sand off any debris, then we clean off the sanding dust, apply an Extreme Bond primer, and apply 2 coats of super paint exterior flat, satin, or gloss. We follow your design requirements to the letter and we don't leave you satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.

Already Painted? We will follow a strict guideline to protect your woodwork:

  • Scuff Sand with sanding blocks
  • Remove Sanding Dust
  • Apply 1 coat of Extreme Bond Primer
  • Apply 2 coats super paint exterior flat, satin, or gloss



Let us help you keep your family covered.