Residential Deck Staining & Refinishing

Wooden decks should be painted or stained in order to protect against water and weather damage. We can do either for you. How much better would family time be spending time outside with a deck that is visually appearling as opposed to a deck that is rotting and cracking. Custom paint jobs are available! Entertain your guests for a BBQ in style.  Our Deck Correct service can restore old and cracked wood to an original beautiful look.  This process fills wood cracks up to 1/4" and locks down splinters for a durable dirt-resistant and skid resistant service.

Different kinds of woods and treatments to consider:

  • Hardwoods
  • Pines
  • Cedars
  • Pressure-treated?
  • Is it coated or not coated?

Whether it’s re-staining or finishing the wood, or giving it some extra details to spruce it up, your deck will look as great as it did when it was installed.

Why Residential Deck Staining & Refinishing?

  • A deck's wood needs protection from the elements
  • Pick a stain from a wide array of shades
  • Paint your deck to match or contrast the house
  • Great for boat ports as well!

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