Jobs opportunities

Do you want to work
at MPA Painters?

MPA Painters offers equal opportunities for all individuals who want to learn about the commercial painting industry. We proudly offer the opportunity to turn any individual into a painter with the commitment and motivation needed to learn our painting processes. MPA Painters is a school of painting and if that interests you, apply today!
We’re looking for organized, energetic, and creative problem solvers who thrive in challenging, fast-paced, and fun environments. Are you a team player with an interest on building or expanding your painting knowledge? We want to hear from you and offer the opportunity for an unparallel training experience!
Project Coordinators

A project coordinator is a jobsite leader who focuses on assuring that our standards of expectations are met and representation of MPA are at the highest of standards. We are looking for an efficient, determined, and motivated individual with the desire to grow in the painting industry. If this reflects your objectives then contact us directly!

Project managers

Behind every successful project, there is a strong leader and MPA Painters is looking for future leaders to help the company meet its vision while achieving an efficient execution on the jobsite. Our project managers will be developed on all of the painting industry’s administrative concepts taught by our certified PMP instructors who offer a large array of tools and techniques needed to have full control of our projects. If this interests you, please contact us directly!

The difference you are looking for

Competitive pay and benefits
MPA Painters is a work centered company where our focus is our painters and administrators. We acknowledge effort and determination as well as offer competitive salary increments as well as benefits. Our priority has always been the financial stability of our employees.
Job security and stability
MPA Painters is the leading painting company within the tri state area with opportunities for growth. We offer year-round consistent work as well as stability for all positions.
Continuous training and certification opportunities
MPA offers continuous training and development for all positions with the goal in mind to educate, develop, and offer opportunities for growth for all positions. We have many certified instructors as well as experienced painters who offer adaptive curriculums for efficient development.
Opportunities for Growth
MPA Painters has an established hierarchy where all employees have the opportunity to grow within the company. We offer a clear path of growth for all positions as well as provide all the proper training prevent glass ceilings within the company.
Guidance and support
From intermediate painter to Chief Project manager, MPA painters is structured to provide unparallel support and guidance for the execution of our projects. MPA focuses on assuring all individuals have the support needed to execute the job.
Work Life Balance

MPA Painters is an equal employment inclusive company. We offer many social events for our employees and strive to provide a work environment pleasing for all individuals. We respect all holidays as well as provide individual with vacations and incentives to promote a family orientated work balance.